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Working from home is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. People are working from home like never before, and thus a lot of people need the right setup for a well-functioning home office. And that includes accessories for a home office as well. 

Whether you’re a freelancer or work for a company, setting up a comfortable and productive workspace is key to success. It’s essential to have the right accessories to create an environment that helps you focus, produce, and stay organized.

In this article, I’m going to explore the absolute best and most important accessories you need for your home office.

First of All: Creating a Comfortable and Productive Workspace

One of the most critical elements of setting up a home office is creating a workspace that’s comfortable and productive. You should feel great and at home when you work in your very own home office. 

Functionality and ergonomics are key to this. Thus, the accessories you should look for should all cater to those needs. 

Let’s dive into the most important accessories for creating a great home office.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Sitting well and feeling good is massively important. And you need a good chair for that. 

Your office chair is actually one of the most important purchases you’ll make. Invest in an ergonomic chair that provides proper support and comfort for your back, neck, and shoulders. A comfortable chair will help you stay focused and reduce the likelihood of developing pain or discomfort during long workdays.

When choosing an ergonomic office chair, consider the adjustability of the chair. The seat height, armrest height, and backrest height should all be adjustable to ensure that the chair fits your body properly. Look for a chair with a breathable backrest to keep you cool and comfortable during long work sessions.

By doing so, the office chair you choose will be a great accessory to your home office. 

Adjustable Desks

Standing desks are all the rage right now, and for a good reason. They encourage you to stand up and move throughout the day, which is essential for your health. Adjustable desks let you switch between sitting and standing, which can help you stay alert and focused throughout the day.

When choosing an adjustable desk, consider the height range of the desk. Make sure that it can be adjusted to a comfortable height for both sitting and standing. Look for a desk with sturdy construction and a smooth transition between sitting and standing positions.

By standing, rather than sitting, all day you can get some light exercise into your daily work-from-home-life. This can help you stop gaining weight, or just help you feel less tired or lazy

Proper Lighting Solutions

Lighting is another critical component of a productive workspace. Avoid harsh overhead lighting and opt for task lighting that illuminates your workspace. Invest in a desk lamp or floor lamp to reduce eye strain and create a cozy atmosphere.

This right lighting is essential to creating an enjoyable and productive workspace. The better the light, the better the output of your work. It is almost as simple as that.

That is why one of the main accessories that you should invest in for your home office is good lighting

Also, consider the color temperature of your lighting. Cooler, bluer light can help you stay alert and focused, while warmer, yellower light can create a more relaxing atmosphere. Experiment with different lighting options to find what works best for you. 

Go for smart home-solutions where you can adjust the lighting for the specific need and situation. 

Cable Management Tools

Cable clutter can be a significant source of distraction in an otherwise organized workspace. A lot of people love the minimalistic approach when they create a home office. When it comes to managing cables, that approach is very effective and you should take some inspiration from it. 

You can buy a variety of different cable management accessories. Buy and use cable ties, cable sleeves, or cable trays to keep cords and cables out of sight and organized. This will help you stay focused and productive and not be disturbed by messy cables all over the place.

When organizing your cables, consider the placement of your power outlets. Try to position your desk near an outlet to reduce the length of your cables. Label your cables to make it easy to identify which cable goes where.

Depending on your work you can find a lot of different accessories for a home office
Depending on your work you can find a lot of different accessories for a home office

Enhancing Your Home Office Technology

Unless you work from home without a computer, technology is a significant part of any home office setup.

Investing in high-quality technology will help you get the most out of your workday, and increase productivity.

However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to know where to start. Here are some tips to help you enhance your home office technology.

High-Quality Monitors

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people talking about how they work from home only from their laptops… I guess it can work for a limited time but not if you work from home regularly. 

A high-quality monitor is essential for any serious home office setup. Invest in a monitor that’s large enough to see all your work and has a high resolution. This will help reduce eye strain and make it easier to multitask during the day. It will also take your productivity up a notch as everything will be much easier to see and give you a much better overview. 

Additionally, consider investing in a monitor with a blue light filter. Blue light can disrupt your sleep patterns, and by reducing your exposure to it, you can improve the quality of your sleep.

Bad sleep can take away your energy, make you moody and give you the working from home-blues and make you hate working from home. We don’t want that. 

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

How you can work from a computer without a keyboard and a mouse is beyond me. I don’t see it being possible. And based on that you need a great keyboard and an ergonomic mouse to work with. And unless you are the gaming type of person then I suggest you go with the wireless accessory. 

A wireless keyboard and mouse free up desk space and reduce cord clutter. They’re also more comfortable to use, as you don’t need to untangle or twist your mouse all the time because of the wire.

When choosing a wireless keyboard and mouse, consider investing in ones that have ergonomic features. Ergonomic keyboards and mice are designed to reduce strain on your hands and wrists, which can help prevent injuries and make it easier to work for longer periods of time.

Also, consider how much noise your keyboard makes when you type on it. I once had a very nice keyboard, but it made so much noise from typing that I had to change it.

The mouse should fit your hand and have some extra features such as going forwards and backward in the browser. That should be the minimum, including a nice scrolling feature. 

Don’t forget a nice mousepad. That is pretty essential as well. 

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

A home office can be noisy, whether it’s the sound of children playing or the noise from the street outside. Background noise can really make it hard for you to focus or have online meetings in your home office. For those reasons alone you need to invest in a solid noise-cancelling pair of headphones. 

Noise-canceling headphones can help you stay in the zone and eliminate distractions. When choosing noise-canceling headphones, consider investing in ones that have a comfortable fit and long battery life.

The headset should also have a well-functioning microphone for you to use during meetings. 

Additionally, look for headphones that have a transparency mode. Transparency mode allows you to hear your surroundings when you need to, without taking off your headphones. 

This is much more comfortable than being entirely shut off from the world around you all the time. 

Webcam and Microphone for Video Conferencing

With remote work becoming more and more common, a video conferencing setup is essential. Invest in a high-quality webcam and microphone to ensure you look and sound your best during video calls. The microphone can also be a part of the webcam itself or your headphones, as mentioned before.

When choosing a webcam, consider investing in one that has a high resolution and a wide-angle lens. A wide-angle lens will allow you to capture more of your surroundings, which can be helpful if you need to show something to your colleagues. Just make sure your background is professional and for everyone to see. 

When choosing a microphone, consider investing in one that has noise-canceling features. Noise-canceling microphones can help eliminate background noise, ensuring that your colleagues can hear you clearly and not your dog barking or kids playing

By investing in high-quality technology for your home office, you can improve your productivity and make your workday more comfortable. Take the time to research your options and choose the technology that’s right for you.

A pair of headphones, a wireless keyboard and mouse and a great monitor are essential accessories for a home office
A pair of headphones, a wireless keyboard and mouse and a great monitor are essential accessories for a home office

Accessories that Help You Stay Organized and Efficient

Working from home can be challenging, especially when it comes to staying organized and efficient. Notes, pens, and papers are flying all over the place if you are not careful in order to counter that you need som storage accessories for your home office. 

With the right tools and accessories for storage, you can create a workspace that is functional, clutter-free, and stylish.

Here are a few accessories that can help you stay on top of things:

Filing Cabinets and Storage Solutions

A filing cabinet or storage solution can help you organize your paperwork and office supplies. Whether you prefer a traditional filing cabinet or a more modern storage solution, there are plenty of options.

Look for functional items that match your decor style to make your office feel cohesive. You can even add some decorative touches, such as a vase of flowers or a framed photo, to make the space feel more welcoming.

Just make sure that the storage units you choose fit the size of your home office and enable you to have a clutter-free space. That makes for a great storage accessory. 

Desk Organizers and Accessories

Desk organizers can keep your pens, notepads, and other office supplies within reach. From simple pencil cups to elaborate desk sets, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Look for organizers that complement your style and help you stay organized throughout the day. You can even add some personal touches, such as a favorite quote or a photo of your family, to make the space feel more inspiring.

You can also go for themed solutions like desk organizers fitting a specific theme such as a Star Wars-themed home office

Time Management Tools

Time management tools are essential for any home office setup. Use a timer or app to break your day into manageable chunks, and prioritize your tasks according to importance. This will help you stay on track and make the most out of each day.

You can also use a planner or calendar to keep track of important deadlines and appointments. Look for tools that work best for your needs and help you stay focused and productive.

Though most of these features can easily be accessed for free on your phone or laptop you can get some extra benefits for choosing a more traditional solution. An old school timer may be a better way to work for a limited time and then placing your phone a long way from your workspace. 

Whiteboards and Bulletin Boards

Are you the type of person who loves pen and paper even in the modern age? Then a whiteboard might be the best accessory for your home office. 

Whiteboards and bulletin boards are excellent tools for keeping track of your to-do list and ideas. Use them to jot down notes, ideas, and to-do lists to help you stay on track throughout the day.

You can even use them to create a vision board or inspiration board to keep you motivated and inspired. Look for boards that are large enough to accommodate all of your ideas and that fit your decor style. Creating these illustrations can also be a great way to show your boss that you are busy while working from home

By investing in these accessories, you can create a home office that is both functional and inspiring. Whether you’re working on a big project or just need to stay organized throughout the day, these tools can help you stay on track and make the most out of your workday.

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