How to decorate and choose fake plants for your home office

Fake plants in your home office can make a great difference

Do you want to add som greenery to your home office, but do you either lack the natural light or simply don’t want take of living plants? In that case, fake plants for your home office might be the right solution for you.

Fake plants bring a lot of the same benefits with them as real plants do. In this guide, you can find helpful information on choosing the right fake plants for your home office and learn more about the benefits of faux plants. 

Fake Vs. Real: Why Fake Plants Can Be A Great Choice

Picturing my dream home office, I dream about a giant green wall in my new home office. On closer inspection, the entire wall is created by carefully placed plants of varying sizes, shapes, colors and variety. But the best part is, that the plants are fake, thus needing no care. Oh to dream.

We can all agree that greenery provides interest and is an integral part of the home-office design and has a positive effect on mood and concentration levels.

Like most people, I loathed the thought of ever using fake plants to decorate my home, much less my home office. However, fake plants that look real have come a long way, a very long way.

Designers, Florists and Event planners are creating spectacular fake gardens. Recently I attended a beautiful wedding in Srilanka. The plants and flowers were spectacular against the beach setting. It was only when I reached out to touch the foliage that I realised the entire display was fake. The quality was so fantastic that I’m sure many who attended the wedding that day had no idea.

It’s time to embrace the fake plant trend and choose plants that look incredibly real.

So why choose fake plants for your home office instead of real living plants?

You must consider the people using your home office and of course location, layout, and budget allocation when deciding if fake plants are a great choice for your home office.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of choosing fake plants for your home office.

  • Fake plants require very little care, occasionally cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Fake plants require almost no maintenance
  • Fake plants allow creative design in any location
  • Fake and real plants improves home-office productivity
  • Relieves stress
  • Cost-effective
  • One-off investment
  • No specific need for water, light, fertilizer or air temperature requirements
  • Does not need replacing – you cannot kill them

Fake plants can change your home-office space. It’s easy to see why fake plants the world over have become so popular in recent years.

For those of us who are busier than ever with families, work pressure, and the increasing availability to work from home we are now looking for products that enable us the benefits of a green environment without the work that it entails.

Having more time is something that we are all searching for in our busy lives and choosing fake plants in your home office over real ones certainly saves time and trouble. 

If you want to know more about the benefits of having plants in your home office in general, you can find it here.

How To Find And Choose Fake Plants For Your Home Office That Look Real

Choosing the best fake plants for your home office requires research and a good eye for detail. As a general rule always choose

Quality. Quality. Quality.

Most big-brand stores have a variety of fake plants. Their collections of quality botanical fake plants allow you to bring a touch of nature into your space without the need to find the right soil or fertilizer. Pairing lush, fake palm fronds and tropical plants with tasteful, neutral planters create a classic look.

Depending on the country you live in Amazon, Target and Ikea are big brands’ preferred stores. 

When choosing the best fake plants for your home office keep in mind these four headings.

Colour of the fake plants

It’s important to look at the colour of fake plants to be sure they are as close as possible to mother nature’s colours. Search for plants that have colour variations as opposed to being the same colour for a more realistic look. 

Material of the fake plants

Silk plants are a great option for a realistic look. There are fake plants that are made from a special liquid polymer blend that allows them to take on a life-like shape, colour and feel. 

Type of fake plant

Ferns, succulents and palms are the best. Technology has seen these products expand in recent years. Some are so good they look real. They are a good choice for your first fake plant for your office.

Size of the fake plants

Fake plants come in many different sizes. Consider your space. An accent tree/palm will dominate the room. Choose trees, palms or fig trees here. Smaller Plants grouped together like fake cacti or succulents will create a low-level focus and fit on your desk.

fake plants for your home office can really create a great setting
Fake plants for your home office can really create a great setting

The 7 Best Fake Plants You Can Choose for your office and desk

Plants make a great addition to any home-office until they dry out, drop leaves, or die. Realistic-looking fake plants add a touch of green to your space but no water is required.

Below here you will find a list of the 7 best fake plants your can choose for your home office. 

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
  • Pothos House Plant 
  • Golden Cane Palm Silk tree 
  • Succulents Snake Plant 
  • Monstera 
  • Cactus Orchid 
  • Boston Fern

Fake plants of high-quality make it difficult to tell if they are real. They have many benefits. Aside from a bit of cleaning now and then, they need no maintenance, are robust, and can sit in the darkest corner of your home office.

If plants look like the real thing, require no care, and are placed anywhere, why would you even choose a living plant? That is a question you may ask yourself at this point.

Are fake plants tacky?

The word “fake plants” does not sound that glamorous. And yes, fake plants can be pretty tacky. But only if you choose the wrong faux plants for your office. 

In the present day you can actually find some really lovely false plants that look just like the real deal. Yes, some people might think it is tacky to have fake plants around. But they may not even notice that your plants aren’t real. 

Anyway, fake plants can – as mentioned – do much of the same as real plants. And for that reason, you shouldn’t focus on whether it is tacky or not to have fake plants in your office or in your home.

If they make you happy and you think they do wonders for the designing of your room then get your fake plants and be happy about them. 

If you ever feel bored when working from home try to freshen up your home office space with some plants, fake or real. 

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